Our Dive Sites 

Bali is by far Indonesia’s most popular dive destination. It offers plenty of dive sites set against a stunning backdrop of volcanic peaks, rice paddy’s and breath taking beaches.
Bali is situated at the Lombok strait, which lies to the east of Bali and through it flows the greatest volume of tidal water on earth.
It is not surprising then that the waters around Bali are often visited by some big pelagic including the elusive sunfish.

The diving is varied with drop offs, coral gardens and bommies, wrecks and a huge variety of marine life. With everything on offer from muck diving at Secret bay to adrenaline drift diving at Nusa Penida to walls and drop offs of Tulamben and even a world class wreck, the Liberty.

Map with the best diving in Bali

Bali has something for every divers taste. There are dive sites were the currents can be stronger and are then recommended for experienced divers only, however the most dive sites are also calmer shallower spots like those at Tulamben or Padang Bai.

We at Bali Bubbles Dive Center have already many years diving experience in Bali. For every guest we make a personally diveplan so that everybody can enjoy the beautiful underwater life of Bali.

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Candidasa - Amuk Bay

Two islands (Tepekong and Mimpang) outside the bay at Candidasa, and Biaha a little to the north of Candidasa, offer some of the most breath-taking diving in Bali. The sites here are one of the best places to see beautiful healthy coral and big pelagic (Sharks,Mola Mola).

Padang Bai

Padang Bai means diving for all levels. Several very good diving sites are just a few minutes away from the main beach and perfect for beginners or for diving courses. But there are also more challenging diving sites with current and great chances to spot Reef Sharks, various Rays and, Pelagic fishes



Tulamben area dive sites are Coral Garden, muck diving, pelagics, wreck Dive USAT Liberty, a large variety of dive sites with more then 400 different species. Diving for every dive level and dive training. Bali’s no. 1 dive site is one the few shore dive sites in Bali


Amed - Jemeluk Bay

The dive sites in Amed offer a great variety in marine life and pretty coral gardens.

The Pyramids, Drop Off of Batu Belah. Dive sites for everly level of diver and training sites. Join one of our daily scuba diving trips from to Amed.

Nusa Penida North

Nusa Penida North

Sental, PED and SD are three sites on Nusa Penida’s north coast that provide excellent spot drift diving. Toyapakeh has a wide and interesting reef. Rich & healthy stands of coral which are home to an amazing variety of reef fish

Nusa Penida South - Manta Point

Nusa Penida South - Manta Point

Manta point offers visitors the chance to get close to big manta rays that feed in the plankton rich current or visit cleaning stations. Crystal Bay (Mola Mola) is inside the bay is sheltered from the currents, with a wonderful array of corals