Bali is by far Indonesia’s most popular dive destination. It offers plenty of dive sites set against a stunning backdrop of volcanic peaks, rice paddy’s and breath taking beaches.

The diving is varied with drop offs, coral gardens and bommies, wrecks and a huge variety of marine life.

The Lombok strait lies to the east of Bali and through it flows the greatest volume of tidal water on earth.

It is not surprising then that the waters around Bali are often visited by some big pelagic including the elusive sunfish.

With everything on offer from muck diving at Secret bay to adrenaline drift diving at Nusa Penida to walls and drop offs of Tulamben and even a world class wreck, the Liberty.

Bali has something for every divers taste. There are dive sites were the currents can be stronger and are then recommended for experienced divers only, however the most dive sites are also calmer shallower spots like those at Tulamben or Padang Bai.

We at Bali Bubbles Dive Center have already many years diving experience in Bali. For every guest we make a personally dive plan so that everybody can enjoy the beautiful underwater life of Bali.

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