Dive Deeper into Bali Bliss at Dasa Wana, Bali Bubbles’ Partner in Paradise

Bali Bubbles welcomes you to your underwater Bali adventure! But before you plunge into vibrant coral reefs and mesmerising marine life, discover your surface paradise nestled in the heart of Candidasa: Dasa Wana Resort.

Imagine a haven of Balinese charm, where palm trees whisper secrets to the wind and authentic wooden bungalows embrace you with rustic warmth. Dasa Wana isn’t a faceless mega-resort – it’s a boutique family, a place where friendly smiles and genuine Balinese hospitality are as treasured as the coral gardens you’ll explore.

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Bali Bubbles and Dasa Wana join hands to offer you not just an unforgettable dive experience, but a complete Bali immersion.

For the Diver:

Steps from the Dive Boat: Forget long commutes; our prime location puts you mere steps from Bali Bubbles’ boat, ready to conquer the underwater kingdom in minutes.
Relax and Recharge: Post-dive bliss awaits in our serene gardens or refreshing pool. Unwind on sun-kissed loungers, indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment, or savor delicious meals that fuel your diving spirit.
Dive Buddies Await: Connect with fellow divers in our cozy communal spaces, sharing stories and underwater memories that become lifetime treasures.

Beyond the Dive:

Authentic Bali: Dasa Wana isn’t a postcard imitation – it’s the real deal. Explore local villages, discover hidden temples, and soak up the island’s vibrant culture, all within easy reach.
Serenity at Your Doorstep: Escape the tourist bustle and find peace in our lush tropical haven. Take a morning yoga session amidst the frangipani fragrance, soak in the tranquility of our tranquil gardens, or simply let the gentle sway of palm trees lull you into a blissful serenity.
Affordable Indulgence: Dive into luxury without breaking the bank. Dasa Wana offers mid-range comfort that doesn’t compromise on charm or comfort – perfect for divers who seek true value without sacrificing Balinese magic.

Bali Bubbles and Dasa Wana: Your passport to a journey where underwater adventures seamlessly blend with the soul of Bali. Book your dive vacation today and discover paradise, above and below the waves.

Let’s make waves together!

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